Bunions & Cosmetic Surgery


Bunions are misaligned big toe joints that can become swollen and tender, causing the first joint of the big toe to slant outward, and the second joint to angle toward the other toes. Bunions tend to be hereditary, but can be aggravated by shoes that are too narrow in the forefoot and toe. Surgery by a podiatric physician is frequently recommended to correct the problem.

Bunion Surgery

The physicians at the Foot and Ankle Center of NJ are experts in repair of bunion deformities. The procedure is performed in the hospital or surgery center under intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes to perform. Post operatively, you will be discharged to home 1-2 hours after the procedure. The doctor will prescribe both anti-inflammatory and pain medication to be taken post operatively to keep you comfortable. Most patients have little discomfort after the procedure which is sufficiently controlled by the prescribed medications. Our physicians have performed thousands of these procedures. In fact, they lecture and teach their techniques to other colleagues, residents, and students. They use the most advanced techniques for the repair which provides the patient with a superior functional as well as cosmetic result. There are several types of bunion procedures which are selected based on the degree of your condition. The doctors will explain the procedure selection, risks, potential complications, and post operative course in detail during your evaluation.

Before & After - Bunion Repair (Austin /Akin procedure)

Before After - Bunion Repair (Austin/ Akin procedure)

Before & After (Austin/ Akin bunion repair with Hammer digit repair toes 2,3,4)

Before & After

Before (bunion and 2nd digit hammer toe deformity) & After (Austin / Akin bunion repair with 2nd hammer toe fusion)

Before & After

Before & After - Bunion repair (Austin/ Akin with Weil osteotomy and 2nd hammer toe repair)

Before & After - Lapidus procedure for Large bunion deformities              

Before & After - Lapidus with Weil osteotomies 2,3,4,5 Right foot              

Before & After - Austin / Akin procedure with Weil osteotomy mets 2,3 and hammer toe repair digits 2,3,4,5       

Before & After (Photos 2 and 3) - 1st MTPJ fusion

Cosmetic Surgery:
A pain free, highly functional, and cosmetically appealing correction are our goals with any elective surgery.

Before & After - Bunion surgery - Lapidus    

Before & After Repair deformed / elongated toes and mets 2,3,4

Before & After Repair bunion and toes 2,3,4,5

Pre-op bunion & Post-op bunion    

Before bunion surgery & only 3 months after bunion surgery    

After Bunion Surgery - Lapidus
(Notice the Minimal Scar Formation)

Repair of Hammertoes 2&3
(Notice the incisions were made at the joint line to minimize scarring)

Pre Op Bunion, Hammer Toes 2,3,4,5

Post Op Repair Bunion and Hammer Toes 2,3,4,5
A complicated case of polydactyly and syndactyly in both feet of a child.

Before -  6 toes last 2 are fused After removal extra toe

Before 6 toes last 2 are fused Before - the 5th toe had no bones and the 6th toe had to be salvaged  unusual case as the last toe is usually removed as was the above case  same child

After removal 5th toe, salvaged 6th toe used a rotational skin flap closure to make normal appearing what is now the 4th and 5th toe (actually is the 4th and the 6th toe) 5th was removed.